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Nichole DeVito

Kreative Artist

Nichole’s specializes in cutting and has a love for color services.


“My biggest passion with this industry is having the ability to help others express themselves and make a positive impact on others.”


 Nichole’s hobbies include reading, working on cars and cooking. “I love to learn new recipes and to make food from scratch.”

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Sara Levine

Master Artist and Co-Owner

Sara prides herself on customer satisfaction through building relationships with each client who sits in her chair. She believes the appointment is about much more than the hair. Sara is Deva Curl certified and has a passion for working with curly hair. She also specializes in blondes and beaded/tape-in extensions. As a stylist for over ten years, Sara is part-owner of Kreative Looks.

“If, ‘fashion is made to become unfashionable,’ (Karl Lagerfeld) then just be yourself.”

Sara’s interests include sewing, runway fashion, indie music, and punk rock. Sara also is a self-proclaimed Anne of Green Gables nerd. Her hyper fixations include otters, Halloween and Lilo and Stitch.

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Sarah Ross

Master Artist

With Sarah, you can expect the unexpected. She exudes creativity in every aspect of her life, including her clients’ hair. Sarah has been in the hair industry for eleven years and loves working with fun vivid colors. She is passionate about helping her clients express their personalities through their hair.

“I am passionate about helping clients feel confident in themselves.”

Sarah’s outside interests include a love of all the animals no one likes, such as possums, racoons, and crocodiles.

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Melissa Cederas

Kreative Artist

Melissa comes from a family of stylists and has been doing hair as long as she can remember. “I want you to feel fabulous when you step out of my chair . . . the best feeling is when I can assist my clients in falling in love with their new look.”

Specializing in color, Melissa stays up to date with all the latest trends through continuous education. She chose to become a part of Kreative Looks because it has a home-like feel with a modern, client-oriented environment. She looks forward to meeting her future clients for an incredible journey where together they achieve all their hair goals!

Outside of the salon, Melissa focuses on living life holistically which includes an active lifestyle and eating healthily. She loves to find new restaurants that fit her lifestyle!

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